Walczaka 25
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski
NIP: 599-252-72-55



  • shredding of various materials: woody and agricultural biomass, as well as other raw materials, using high-efficiency chipper shredders (with hammer- and knife-based systems)
  • pelletisation, pellets production using the customer's raw materials;
  • coal standardisation - preparation of blends based on coking and steam coal for standardisation of quality parameters and fractions;
  • tree felling, comprehensive land clearing for investments (including forest land, shrubs, woods, self-seeded tree clusters, etc.)
  • root clearing;
  • root and tree log splitting;
  • root disposal;
  • rental of a 24-tonne excavator (crawler type); various types of excavation and demolition works;
  • rental of wheel loaders (by fadroma) and telescopic handlers;
  • transport and delivery of equipment (with trucks and trailers).

We may also provide other services, depending on our capabilities, resources and the needs of our customers. Contact us to discuss the details terms of cooperation.